Accessibility Remodeling Website Redesign

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About the Project


Accessibility Remodeling is a local company that helps individuals who are aging or have a disability stay in their home through remodeling projects that make their spaces more accessible. Looking for a fresh look, the business owners reached out to nth degree to help them revamp their website to bring it up to date.




accessibility is a perfectly responsive, basic WordPress site which includes pages that highlight the company’s projects, success stories, team and expertise, and a contact page.

The project also included the creation of an accessibility checklist we hope will serve as a lead magnet for those looking to make their space better meet their needs.


The new Accessibility Remodeling website features a gallery that highlights the company’s projects so visitors can see the possibilities for their own homes and needs. It also includes a space for company staff to post success stories upon completion of new projects. A major focus of the redesign of this website was SEO boosting, so keywords (search terms and locations) were sprinkled throughout the content in the site to help potential clients find




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