Our Amazing Difference Paperback Compilation

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CareGiving.com launched in 1996 to help those who care for a family member or friend. CareGiving.com features the blogs of family caregivers, weekly words of comforts, daily chats, podcasts and free webinars.

CareGiving.com hosts an annual conference for family caregivers and those who serve them. Each year attendees receive a printed memory book to take home.


Our Amazing Difference is a compilation featuring essays, tips and resources from presenters at the 2019 National CareGiving Conference. The conference is fourth annual conference hosted by CareGiving.com.



Our Caring Difference is a compilation published through Kindle Direct Publishing. The book was formatted for KDP print on-demand. The printed version is a 6×9 paperback with a full-color cover and black and white interior. 

nth degree designed the cover artwork (not including the conference logo) and laid out the content, which was submitted to Caregiving.com. 

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