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Re.Use.Full is a 501c3 nonprofit that launched in 2020. Re.Use.Full seeks to connect donors with still-good items to local nonprofits, churches, and schools so they can put those items to use in their important missions. Re.Use.Full helps people & pets all over the Kansas City metro and diverts items from local landfills. 

The platform allows people with stuff to donate to search for places to donate to – they can search by location, organization type/cause, or by item type. nth degree constructed the front door to this platform via WordPress.

Overview is a perfectly responsive WordPress site built with Divi. The WordPress site is the front door to a complex backend that is hosted elsewhere.

Re.Use.Full launched its original website in 2020 (nth degree was honored to construct that as well). The site was refreshed in 2023 to keep it up-to-date and more secure.

In the beginning, nth degree set up social media channels (Facebook page and Instagram) for the nonprofit and is proud to continue supporting this initiative.

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