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About the Project


VantageKC is a startup venture offering realtor virtual personal assistance services and support services for real estate agents. nth degree was excited to help the business think through their offerings and develop a web presence for their new business.

Overview is a perfectly responsive, basic WordPress site which includes pages that the services offered by VantageKC, and a contact page.

The project also included the development of a visual identity for the new venture. 

Features was built on the Genesis framework and is very clean and easy to navigate. Another feature of the project included contact forms tailored to the services offered by the business. The form is sent to the business via email so they can respond immediately as well as collected in a database for quick export.

Through this project, we created a logo and color palette for the new venture. The logo, which incorporates the palette, is meant to resemble an aerial landscape, get it – looking down from the vantage point (pun intended).

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