Building a website is a major accomplishment. If you have experience creating a website, you know there are many things to consider throughout the entire process.
Besides the obvious outcomes of successfully launching of a web design project– creating a beautiful online space for people to find you and to get the word out– you may experience one or more of the unintended consequences listed below. Don’t worry, all of these symptoms are completely normal. You don’t need to seek professional help!

  1. Building a website forces you to get specific and clear about who you are and what you do.
    When you put yourself out there to the world, you have to paint a vivid picture of your business or organization and its offerings. You will end up investing time in defining what makes you stand out from the crowd. If you haven’t spent time doing this, or it’s been a while, it will help you move forward with an even clearer direction than before the project began!

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  1. Building a website helps you get organized.
    When you build a website, the project often results in you getting your files and information all in one place so you can weed it and make sense of who you are so you can clearly express who you are to the world. Without even meaning to, you might end up with a centralized spot for all of your reports, publications, and resources!

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  1. Building a website may invoke feelings of jealousy from your peers.
    When you start promoting your newly launched website, you might find people green with envy at your shiny, new website. Let the haters stay salty! You can hold your head up high, knowing that you put a ton of work and energy into putting yourself out there to the world!

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  2. Building a website may give you a HUGE confidence boost.
    When you create a website, you are marketing yourself to the world. This process forces you to put your strengths, assets, and skills down on paper (or the screen) to convince people why they should choose you. You may experience a swelled head (and that’s okay – you TOTALLY deserve it!).

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  1. Building a website may induce feelings of pride and triumph.
    When you get done creating your online presence, you might find yourself typing in your website address over and over and looking adoringly at what you have created. You might notice a pep in your step as you walk. You may feel a smiling creeping across your face when you least expect it. Embrace these feelings! You’ve truly accomplished a major feat! You deserve to feel good about what you’ve built.

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Thinking about building a new website? Sick of looking at your website and feeling sick?

Reach out! Let’s talk about how we can create a beautiful, functional website that you can be proud of!