A little over a month ago, I handed in my letter of resignation, ending my eight year career at my employer. I wanted to focus on my precious responsibility of taking care of my grandma and my friend Calvin, so I started my own graphic, web and media design business.

Yes, you heard me right. After 8 years of stable employment, I wandered into a world of uncertainty and unknowns and launched my own business.

My hope for nth degree media & designs is to be a one-stop source for small businesses, community organizations, and startups to meet all their needs for marketing and communications.


Why “nth degree?”

Don’t worry, this isn’t algebra. All you have to know is that since our exponent (n) isn’t defined, there is unlimited potential. My goal is to help my clients unlock their unlimited potential through strategic communications and kickass designs.


Why should you work with me?

  • I have over 7 years of experience managing websites, social media, and branding for multiple projects and organizations.
  • I work alone, so I have plenty of time to give your project the individualized attention needs.
  • I have my certification in Social Media Marketing from Hootsuite since March 2016 and have over 7 years of experience executing social media strategy across projects, for multiple organizations.
  • I taught myself WordPress from a blank theme. That means I learned how to customize themes and build WordPress sites from scratch.
  • I am bilingual and can develop your project in Spanish.
  • I specialize in no or low cost tools for getting the word out and making work easier. With a background in the nonprofit sector, I have been putting together websites, implementing social media strategies across channels, and creating amazing materials on a shoestring budget.
  • I can train your staff to manage communications on their own through 1:1 coaching and personalized tutorials. I arm my clients with tools and templates to help them work smarter.
  • I have a Masters of Public Administration degree (with an emphasis in nonprofit management) and years working in human services have helped me gain insight into helping organizations create marketing strategies that make sense for them.


No matter why you landed here, I’m so glad you came!

Here are some ways you can connect with me:


Talk soon,